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As we explain the differences of our church we want to be very clear that this information is not meant in any way as criticism of the Roman Catholic Church. Our only purpose is to show some of our differences for your enlightenment.

Question: What is the difference between Roman Catholic and Old Catholic Church?
In 1870 the Vatican I Council declared Papal Infallibility a dogma or something that you must believe.  Many Catholics, especially in Northern Europe, disagreed so strongly with that view that they separated from Rome and came under the protection of Archbishop Utrecht, Holland, who had become independent of Rome in 1724.  Since then the Old Catholic Movement has spread worldwide encompassing millions of Catholics.  So our primary dogmatic difference is Papal Infallibility.

Question: Do you have valid priests & sacraments?
Yes. We have our own church government, priests and bishops but we still have valid apostolic succession and sacraments.  This has never been denied by Rome. (See article from Catholic Vistor) We celebrate the seven sacraments of Catholicism.

Question: What is Old Catholicism?
Old Catholicism is an ancient catholic spirituality that emphasizes freedom and personal responsibility in your practice of faith. It encourages familiarity with the Bible, a relationship with Jesus, intimacy with the Holy Spirit and practicing your faith to help the world.

Question: How is your practice of  Catholicism different than Rome?
A.  Our priests are allowed to marry and women can be a Eucharistic Minister.
B.  All believers are welcome to the Lords Table for communion.
C.  We believe that divorce is not the unforgivable sin and can be forgiven so that divorced Catholics may remarry and participate in the sacramental life of the Church. No annulment required.
D.  We believe that birth control is a  private matter in the conscience of a married couple.
E.  Although we celebrate the feast  days of the Church Year, we have no Days of Obligation as it is your privilege to worship.

Question: How can you be Catholic but not Roman?
Catholic means (1) the clergy have  apostolic succession or have unbroken lineage back to Christ, (2) celebrate the sacramental ministry, (3) adhere to the Gospel of Jesus Christ as expressed through Apostolic Tradition.
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